Newest News from the Frontline

Welcome freedom lovers and freedom fighters. We have the right to speak and we shall speak the truth as we see it. No cancel culture norms are respected here although we do reserve the right to boot you off if you get angry and impolite. This is a forum for adults not screaming children, please respect others rights to speak too and don’t shout them down. That being said, here is the latest: rumor has it that a big league lawyer from Indianapolis has joined the fight. Good on you mate as they say in Australia. We welcome new members with legal or other non-violent combat skills. The fight is just beginning and we need you all to help in the battles to come. Remember that the fate of the republic is at stake. Non-violent action is our byword and as Fredrick Douglas said many years ago “agitate, agitate, agitate. From Ghandi to Douglas and on to MLK, peaceful protests have proven to work.

As we heard recently the “give me liberty or give me death” speech by Patrick Henry gave courage to the colonists in a dark and dangerous time. We should take heart from that story and remember that sometimes a rousing speech can lead to a renewed strength and courage in the face of what appears to be overwhelming odds. As we look forward to times that may be dark with tribulation, be strong and consider the frightening obstacles our forefathers overcame to found the republic. How can we do less than they?