Daniel C. Huston Resume


   With over thirty years experience in the oil and gas industry as a seismic interpreter, explorationist, researcher, and manager I have worked in a wide variety of geological settings, on- and offshore, international and domestic, both individually and in team environments.  My assignments have ranged from frontier exploration to field development to seismic processing to seismic attribute studies and geophysical research. I am very experienced in workstation interpretation and mapping, have hands-on AVO and seismic inversion experience, and have worked as a seismic processor and processing team leader. As Vice President of Hunter 3-D Inc. I have managed a diverse team of geophysicists while maintaining high standards of performance, ethics and profitability. I have won awards for work leading to the discovery of large oil and gas fields in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico and onshore California. Domestically, I’ve contributed to oil and gas discoveries and field development offshore Texas and Louisiana, onshore Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alaska, and California. In addition I have contributed to exploration in China, Portugal, Canada, Turkey, Belize, Indonesia, The North Sea, Nigeria, Guyana and the Red Sea. I quit Unocal in 1996 to form a geophysical consulting company with my wife Holly and have managed this operation since then. I am seeking a senior contract position where I can apply a lifetime of experience in oil finding.


Hunter 3-D, Inc. Houston Texas

11/1996 to present               

  • Vice President and geophysical manager where my clients have included those listed below.
  • Elf Aquitaine/Total where I won an award in 1999 and helped generate drilling opportunities as part of their deep water “maturation” team.
  • Unocal/Chevron Corp. where my work integrating deep water and shelf data in support of their depth imaging team led to a paper I published in 2004 in The Leading Edge.
  • Endeavor Natural Gas currently uses our AVO/inversion work and well-to-seismic ties in the onshore and offshore Gulf of Mexico region.
  • Porto Energy recently engaged our services for an offshore Portugal AVO/Inversion study aimed at wildcat prospect generation.
  • A large service company hired us recently for a regional Gulf of Mexico gravity project that included picking subsalt and top salt seismic reflectors.
  • Shell International Exploration and Production (SIEP) is where I conduct geostatistical integration of gravity and magnetic data with seismic and well log information for international and domestic projects on an ongoing as-needed basis
  • The Rudman Group and Wolfe Rudman (deceased) requested my help for many years in evaluating drilling opportunities and screening exploration/development deals in support of their oil and gas investment portfolio.
  • Over the years literally dozens of other large and small companies have hired me to generate prospects, run AVO analysis, screen deals, map structures etc. Some have included Lamay Corporation, Howard Kiattaand MMKP Corp, Felix Burrus, Foothills Energy LLC, Sierra Resources LLC, Pel-Tex Oil Company LLC, Kerogen Resources LLC, Vanco Energy Company, Stephens Production Company, DLB Exploration, Horizon Exploration, Antares Energy, Goldman Sachs and Pogo Producing Company.

Unocal, Houston Texas and Brea California

9/87 to 11/96  

  • From September 1987 to January 1991 I worked in seismic data processing research and technical services at the Brea California corporate research facility. We devised innovative techniques to solve seismic imaging and hydrocarbon detection problems for operations groups worldwide. We also worked closely with the pure research teams to help develop their ideas and transfer new technology to the operational groups. I ended as team leader for the Advanced Seismic Methods group.
  • From January 1991 to November 1996 I was Senior Geophysicist working as a seismic interpreter for the onshore Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama asset team. While there I was lead explorationist, and for much of the time the only geoscientist, working a set of Yegua, Hackberry, Smackover and Tuscaloosa fields spread across 4 states. We were tasked with developing these fields in a profitable and prudent way. I proposed and saw drilled many Unocal and partner operated wells in these fields and the surrounding areas. I was also responsible for proposing, planning and helping to supervise 2-D and 3-D seismic acquisition programs. I also helped setup and conduct partner negotiations in order to secure drilling rights and farm in/farm out positions.  I am happy to say we made money for the company.

SOHIO Petroleum Corp. San Francisco, California

5/84 to 8/84

  • As a summer intern I worked in the onshore Alaska group and initiated a successful project aimed at using seismic velocities to help determine rock properties in the Ivishak formation. After I left, SOHIO continued this line of work with good results I’ve heard. 

USGS Conservation Division, Anchorage Alaska

1/81 to 1/83

  • Prior to entering graduate school at the Univ. of Texas I worked as a geophysicist GS-7 interpreting seismic and magnetic data in support of offshore Alaska lease sales. This involved a drafting table approach with colored pencils and hand drawn maps based on un-migrated 2-D seismic data. This work became part of an early risk analysis program aimed at assigning risked present value to public lands. I wrote a computer program to model magnetic data over a structure in Shelikof Strait and was able to show it was likely a buildup of volcanic rock and not a sedimentary structure. The Conservation Division became the MMS in 1982 and is now part of the U. S. BOEM. 


Master’s in Geological Sciences, geophysics focus, The Univ. of Texas at Austin, 1987

–              Research assistant with Dr. Milo Backus’ Project SEER , an industry sponsored research consortium.

–              Teaching assistant for Dr. Richard Buffler; taught his seismic stratigraphy lab course.

B.S., Geology and Geophysics (double major), The Univ. of Hawaii, 1980


Awarded one of only two Industrial Associates Fellowships at the University of Texas at Austin, 1983

Best speaker award from Project SEER, an industry sponsored research consortium at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, 1986

In 1989 I published my Univ. of Texas thesis research on AVO and seismic mis-ties in the peer reviewed journal Geophysics.

Also in 1989 I won the Unocal Science and Technology Division Creativity Award for work in AVO leading to the discovery of the Merrill Avenue Gas Field onshore California.

While consulting at Elf Acquitane I won an award for serving as the principal seismic interpreter on the Matterhorn Deep Water Gulf of Mexico oil discovery in 1999.

In 2003 Noble Exploration made a discovery at my South Bobcat Run Field, Yegua and Hackberry prospect, which I generated and sold based on subsurface mapping.

In 2004 I published a summary of my consulting work integrating deep water and shelf data in support of the seismic depth imaging team at Chevron Corp in The Leading Edge, a publication of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

I am a certified Geophysicist licensed by the State of Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists, 2004 to present.

I delivered an invited paper at a workshop on practical inversion in Melbourne Australia in 2006.

Awarded a 30 year membership certificate by the American Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists in 2011.

I have a biographical record published in Who’s Who In America every year from 2001 through 2013.

I have won awards for my interpretation skills and have generated profitable drilling opportunities while using software packages like SMT 2d/3d Pak, Vupak, Kingdom Advanced, Hampson Russell’s AVO, Strata, Emerge and ISMAP, also ISATIS, GS, Landmark, and IESX. I have used most of the industry software suites over the years and am able to learn new ones quickly. I own most components of the Hampson Russell software suite and some of the Kingdom Advanced package. 


Huston, D.C, Huston, H.H., and Johnson, E., Geostatistical Integration of Velocity Cube and Log Data to Constrain 3-D Gravity Modeling, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The Leading Edge, Volume 23, No. 9, pp. 842-846. Sept. 2004.

Backus, M.M., Catto, A.J., Chang, J.Y., Todd, C. P., Wood, L., Huston, D.C., and Simmons, J.L., A Young Offshore Oil and Gas Field, expanded abstract for the SEG Summer Research Workshop on AVO Aug. 9-14 1992 in Big Sky Montana.

Huston, D.C., and Backus, M.M., 1989, Offset Dependent Mis-tie Analysis at Seismic Line Intersections, Geophysics, vol. 54, 962-972

Huston, D.C., 1989, Seismic Response and Well Logs in an Elastic Earth, AAPG Bull. Vol. 73/4 (abstract)

Backus, M.M., Garcia, A.I., and Huston D. C., 1987, On Deconvolution and Inversion in a One-Dimensional Earth, in Bernabini, M., Carrion, P., Jacovitti, G., Rocca, F., Treitel, S., Worthington M., Eds., Deconvolution and Inversion: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 208-225.

Huston, D. C., and Backus, M. M., 1986, Interpretation of Seismic Signal and Noise Through Line Intersection Analysis, 56th Ann. Intl. Mtg. SEG., Expanded Abstracts, 501-503.

Huston, D.C., 1984, Deconvolution in Practice: a Case History from Offshore Louisiana, Geophysics, vol. 50 (abstract)

Professional Memberships/Certifications

Houston Geological Soc., Geophysical Soc. of Houston, AAPG, SEG, SIPES
Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists: Certification #2596
Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists: Geophysics Licensee #3453


Available upon request