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Holly Hunter Huston Resume

Holly Hunter Huston
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More than 20 years experience in prospect development worldwide using 2-D and 3-D seismic data, 3-D gravity data and well control. Proficient with Landmarks Seisworks, Post Stack PAL, Zmap Plus, LCT 2-D and 3-D gravity/magnetics modeling and processing software, GXTech/Bell Geospace 3-D gravity modeling software, GmSYS 2-D gravity and magnetics modeling software, GeoGraphix SeisVision 3-D Interpretation software and GeoGraphixmapping software. Extensive geological/geophysical experience in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), Midland Basin, Fort Worth Basin, Anadarko Basin, Arkoma Basin, East Texas, South and Southwest Texas. Recommended successful wells drilled in, Arkoma Basin, Anadarko Basin, South and Southwest Texas.


HUNTER 3-D Inc. President and Co-founder 4/1996 to Present

  • (2004 – present) – Consulting geophysicist for Shell Research potential fields group worldwide. Also offshore West Africa 3-D potential fields modeling, Onshore USA 3-D gravity study, Onshore Texas log correlation and cross sections, 3-D seismic interpretation and mapping in overthrust terrains.
  • (1999/ 2004) Principle interpreter for 3-D gravity gradient and magnetics data supporting Deepwater GOM Depth Imaging programs at several major oil companies. Regional mapping of basement structure using 3-D gravity, magnetics, 2-D and 3-D seismic data supporting Deepwater GOM Exploration and Drillsite Maturation groups; areas include Alaminos Canyon, Keathley Canyon, Walker Ridge and Green Canyon. Interpretation of 2 ½ -D gravity models in support of GOM Shelf groups.
  • (1996/1999) Interpretation of several 3-D seismic surveys in East Texas and South Texas, responsibilities included integration of well control and lease evaluation. Interpretation and integration of 2 ½ gravity and magnetics models with 2-D seismic data and well control in the offshore Belize megashear fault zone. Interpretation of a large 2-D seismic data volume encompassing the Gulf of Oman and Arab Emirates.

CAEX Services Inc.

Geophysicist 1/1997 to 7/2000 Responsible for interpretation and integration of 3-D marine gravity gradient data with 3-D seismic data, magnetics and well control. Generation and interpretation of large 3-D earth models containing multiple salt bodies with complex geometry for integration of gravity and seismic data; areas include GOM: Mississippi Canyon, Ship Shoal South, Green Canyon and Garden Banks. Prospect generation and lease evaluation utilizing 2-D and 3-D seismic data and well control in the South Texas Vicksburg, Wilcox and Frio trends, Eastern Venezuela Basin and China Bohai Bay Basin. Identification of sand channels, small fractures and faults using seismic continuity/coherency cube and seismic attribute analysis.

SANTOS USA Inc., / Broken Hill Petroleum Inc., Houston, Texas (The subsidiary which I worked for at BHP was bought by SANTOS)

Exploration Geophysicist 6/1987 to 3/1994 Responsible for generation of prospects in the Lower Wilcox Lobo trend Southwest Texas, Pennsylvanian Red Fork trend Anadarko Basin, Red Oak, Spiro/Wap and Arbuckle formation in the Frontal Thrust Belt Arkoma Basin using well control, 3-D gravity, 2-D and 3-D seismic data. Responsible for the acquisition, processing, interpretation and integration of a 90 square mile 3-D gravity survey in the Arkoma Basin.
A.S.C. Consulting Inc., Dallas, Texas

Consulting Geophysicist 7/1986 to 6/1987 Evaluate and recommend client participation in drilling ventures. 2-D seismic and remote sensing interpretation.

Geoscience & Services Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

Staff Geophysicist 2/1985 to 7/1986 Responsible for processing and interpretation of Remote Sensing data worldwide. Real-time image creation and modification of MSS Scanner and Thematic Mapper digital data into enhanced computer images. Supervision of computer and geological technicians. Interpretation of 2-D seismic and geochemical data.

Foree Company, Dallas, Texas

Geophysicist 8/1984 to 2/1985 Generated prospects in the Ordovician Ellenburger dolomite, Pennsylvanian Strawn Reef trend and Permian Tannehill Sandstone located on the Eastern Shelf of the Midland Basin using seismic data, geochemical data and well control.

EDUCATION:  University of Texas at Dallas B.S. Geoscience, 1984 (major in general geophysics) M.S. Geoscience, 1996 (specializing in potential fields), S.A.G.E. (Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience) 1984 Los Alamos N.M.


Depth Imaging using FTG Gravity and Prestack Seismic Depth Migration: Case Studies from the Deepwater GOM” H. Huston, C. Barker, B. Johnson, and M. Murphy, presented at the SEG Gravity Gradiometry Workshop; San Antonio, TX. and at Unocal’s Technology Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, 2001. (Accepted for publication 2004)

“Methodology for Interpreting 3-D Marine Gravity Gradiometry”  H. Hunter Huston, H. Sestak, and G. Lyman, in: The Leading Edge, April 1999.

An Integrated 3-D Seismic and Gravity Study of the Ouachita Frontal Thrust Belt, Pittsburg and Latimer Counties, Oklahoma.” H. Hunter Huston, G. Green, and C. Aiken, in: Geologic Applications of Gravity and Magnetics: Case Histories, SEG Geophysical References Series, No. 8 and AAPG Studies in Geology, #43. 1998.

Three-Dimensional Seismic Interpretation of the Triangle Zone of the Frontal Ouachita Mountains and Arkoma Basin, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.”  M. Valderrama, K. Nielsen, G. McMechan, and H. Hunter, in: Geology and Resources of the Eastern Ouachita Mountains Frontal Belt and Southeastern Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma, OK. Geological Guidebook #29, 1994.

“Lineament Analysis of the Glady Field, Randolf and Pocohontas Counties, West Virginia.” H. Hunter, Dept. of Energy Morgantown, West Virginia, 2nd workshop on Remote Sensing/Lineament Applications for Energy Extraction, 1985.

AFFILIATIONS: Active member of SEG since l989.  Geophysical Society of Houston since 1991. Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists certified Geophysicist # 3302