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Click here to view our latest paper in the The Leading Edge (Sept. 2004).>>> Geostatistical Integration of Gravity, Velocities and Log Data

Check out Holly Huston’s recent paper in the The Leading Edge.>>> 3-D Marine Gravity Gradiometry

Check out Dan Huston’s old AVO paper from 1989 in Geophysics  ( ~ 4 min. download on 56K modem)
>>>  Offset Dependent Mis-Tie Analysis at Seismic Line Intersections

Huston, Daniel C., Huston Holly H. and Johnson, Elizabeth, 2004, Geostatistical Integration of Velocity Cube and Log Data to Constrain 3D Gravity Modeling, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Poster paper presented at the Gravity and Magnetics Workshop at the SEG Annual Meeting in Dallas TX. Oct. 26-30 2003 and published in The Leading Edge, Volume 23, No. 9, pp. 842-846.

H. Huston, C. Barker, B. Johnson, and M. Murphy, Depth Imaging using FTG Gravity and Prestack Seismic Depth Migration: Case Studies from the Deepwater GOM” presented at the SEG Gravity Gradiometry Workshop; San Antonio, TX., and at Unocal’s Technology Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, April 2001. (Accepted for publication in upcoming SEG Gravity Gradiometry volume)

Huston, Holly H., Sestak, H., Lyman, G., 1999, Methodologies for Interpreting 3-D Marine Gravity Gradiometer Data, The Leading Edge, vol.18 number 9, pp. 482-485.

Huston, Holly H., Greene, E.F, and Aiken C.L.V., 1998, An Integrated 3-D Gravity and Seismic Study of the Ouachita Frontal Thrust Belt, Pittsburg and Latimer Counties, Oklahoma, in Gibson, R.I., and Millegan, P.S. Eds., Geologic Applications of Gravity and Magnetics: Case Histories: SEG Geophysical References Series, No. 8.

Valderama, M.H., Nielsen, K.C., McMechan G.A., Hunter Holly (Huston), 1994, Three-Dimensional Seismic Interpretation of the Triangle Zone of the Frontal Ouachita Mountains and Arkoma Basin, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma., in Suneson, N.H., and Hemish, L.A., Eds., Geology and Resources of the Eastern Ouachita Mountains Frontal Belt and Southeastern Arkoma Basin Oklahoma.

Backus, M.M., Catto, A.J., Chang, J.Y., Todd, C. P., Wood, L., Huston, D.C., and Simmons, J.L., A Young Offshore Oil and Gas Field,  presented at the SEG Summer Research Workshop on AVO Aug. 9-14 1992 in Big Sky Montana.

Huston, D.C., and Backus, M.M., 1989, Offset Dependent Mis-tie Analysis at Seismic Line Intersections, Geophysics, vol. 54, 962-972

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