Recent AVO & Seismic Analysis Projects

  • We recently completed a successful mulit-attribute study for a large US independent that involved AVO, seismic inversion, multi-attribute transforms and well log integration. The problem was to find some combination of attributes that would indicate gas pay intervals in the area. AVO alone was not diagnostic but one of our inversion methods was able to consistently predict pay.
  • Total-Fina-Elf drilled three wells at the Matterhorn deepwater prospect based on Dan Huston’s 3-D seismic interpretation. The EEI #2 well was tested at over 6600 BBLS/Day and development has been sanctioned.
  • UNOCAL’s deepwater exploration program is based, in part, on Holly Huston’s continuing gravity gradient analysis and 3-D gravity modelling.
  • A Houston Independent’s 2002 shelf lease sale bidding was partly based on Dan Huston’s AVO analysis.
  • For a large Houston based independent we recently completed a shelf property redevelopment project. This project encompassed several existing fields and integrated 3-D seismic data with well log analysis and engineering/production data to identify by-passed pay and development drilling opportunities.
  • The Rudman Partnership is a long-time client for whom we evaluate drilling opportunities in Texas and Louisiana.