What we are all about – Freedom of Speech

In 2020 we began to put together a group of like-minded patriots. What unites us is a rock hard belief in the critical importance of free speech within a rational and free society. Without free and open debate our republic is lost and once lost may never be regained. This is a fight for not just you and me to speak. It is also a fight for the future of the USA. Study history and see how many places have lost free speech to the mob and see how things turned out. From Athens in the time of Socrates to Germany in the time of Hitler, to Hong Kong in the time of Mao and Xi the story is the same. Once an angry mob of brown shirts or frenzied Athenian democrats or communists takes control the repression always begins soon enough. Stand up now to protect your freedoms. The chief and foundational freedom is to argue your case, the right to be heard and speak is fundamental.